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Latest programme issues

We are aware of issues affecting the following programmes:

  • The One Show

The episode broadcast on BBC One on 25/11/2015 is not available for downloading.

  • Capital

The episode broadcast on BBC One on 24/11/2015 is not available on Sky on Demand.

  • EastEnders

The episode broadcast on BBC One on 17/11/2015 will not be available in HD on Sky-on-Demand.

  • The Wanted

The first episode of the series as broadcast on BBC One on 09/11/2015, the sixth as broadcast on 16/11/2015 and the eighth as broadcast on 18/11/2015 are not available due to rights restrictions.

If you are experiencing issues with a programme not listed here please let us know by selecting the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

We also have information that may be of interest in the programme section of our FAQs.

For Radio content refer to the Latest iPlayer Radio programme issues page.

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