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Here you’ll find updates on issues we’re working on, as well as programme info for BBC iPlayer:


Programmes are unavailable for a number of reasons including technical problems, legal or contractual issues or because we do not make all of our content available on BBC iPlayer.



  • The First World War

 Broadcast 24/10/16 is now available in HD on Sky on Demand.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

 Broadcast 23/10/16 is now available in HD on Sky on Demand. 

  • Mock the Week

 Broadcast 23/10/16 is now available on Sky on Demand. 


It's also worth checking the schedules for the day it was due to be broadcast as the programme in question may have been rescheduled. If this has happened it won't appear on BBC iPlayer until after its been on TV. 

To check this you can go to the TV Guide.

If you are experiencing issues with a programme not listed here and you can see from consulting the TV Guide that it has been broadcast please let us know by using our Contact Us form.

We also have information that may be of interest in the programme section of our help site.

BBC iPlayer Radio

For Radio content refer to the Latest BBC iPlayer Radio programme issues page.