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The mobile phone market has changed significantly over the past couple of years. Over 97% of the BBC TV and radio programmes played on mobile phones and tablets are now via Android, iOS or the latest Blackberry operating system. 

This has meant we’ve had to review the way we offer BBC iPlayer on mobiles. 

Giving value for the licence fee

We aim to reach as many people as possible with a great BBC iPlayer experience. At the same time we need to give value for money for licence fee payers. 

We can and often do use the same technologies to deliver iPlayer to many different devices. However, some older devices have specific needs that carry an on-going cost. 

These devices (listed below) account for less than 0.17% of the total mobile iPlayer requests. 

It’s no longer cost effective to maintain iPlayer on these devices for an ever-decreasing number of people. So we decided to withdraw BBC iPlayer on older Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones.

We appreciate you may not be happy with this. But we hope you understand why we’ve taken this decision. 

Devices we no longer support

BlackBerry 8520

Nokia N85

Samsung GT S8500

BlackBerry 9300

Nokia N86

Samsung S8000

BlackBerry 9520

Nokia N95

Samsung GT B5310

BlackBerry 9700

Nokia N96

Samsung GT S5620

BlackBerry 9800

Nokia N97

Samsung i8000

BlackBerry 9900

Nokia N500

Sony Ericsson C905

HTC Diamond

Nokia N603

Sony Ericsson U1i

HTC Touch HD

Nokia N700

Sony Ericsson U5i

Nokia 5800

Nokia N701

Sony Ericsson U8i

Nokia C7

Nokia N808

Sony Ericsson U10i

Nokia E6

Nokia X7

Sony Ericsson W705

Nokia E71

Samsung SGH-i900     

Sony Ericsson W715

Nokia Maemo(N900)     

Samsung I8910

Sony Ericsson W995

Nokia N8

Samsung I8510

Sony Ericsson X1i

For more info on the phones we do support, visit Can I access BBC iPlayer?

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