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Listening via an Internet Radio device

If you’re listening via an internet radio device you should be able to listen to live BBC radio stations and access podcasts. Full on-demand programmes (i.e. programmes which have already been broadcast) are not available on internet radio; you’ll need to access these either via a web browser or mobile/tablet app.

If you need support or have a problem accessing BBC Radio you’ll need to contact your manufacturer. Your manufacturer will use a third party that manages all the radio stations and podcasts.

Got a problem with your internet radio device?

Check our Troubleshooting BBC iPlayer Radio problems on your Internet Radio FAQ. Try this first as it might help you resolve any problems. But if that fails your next point of action should be to contact your manufacturer.

Listening outside the UK?

Some content may be limited to the UK only. This could be all or part of a show. Sports coverage is the most common example where this happens.

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