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What is BBC iPlayer Radio?

BBC iPlayer Radio is what we call BBC Radio stations, programmes and a whole bunch of other lovely radio services that are online.


With iPlayer Radio, you can listen to live radio online as well as catching up with your favourite programmes and podcasts on demand. 

You can access iPlayer Radio through your browser at on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet device. There’s also a dedicated app for mobile and tablet devices but not for PC/Mac.

Have a look at our How do I use BBC iPlayer Radio? FAQ for some steps to get you started.

Listen on the go with the iPlayer Radio app

You can get our BBC iPlayer Radio app to download our programmes and podcasts on your mobile or tablet - so you don’t need to use any of your mobile data allowance.

The BBC iPlayer app is available in the following stores:

Check our Using BBC iPlayer Radio on mobiles FAQ for more information on what you can do with BBC iPlayer Radio on your mobile or tablet.

Listen live on your Internet Radio

You can also listen to BBC iPlayer Radio live streams and podcasts on your Internet Radio device.  For more information, check our Listening via an Internet Radio device FAQ.

BBC Music & My Tracks

Keep track of the music you hear across iPlayer Radio with My Tracks. Add tracks you love while you're listening so you can find them again later. Visit the BBC Music Help Page for more information.

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