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Using My Radio

You can easily keep track all of the radio programmes you love in one place by using the My Radio feature. You'll find the link to My Radio at the top of any BBC iPlayer Radio screen.

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How to add to My Radio

To add a programme to My Radio, you must first sign into BBC Account. If you don’t have a BBC account and need help creating one, visit BBC account help for support.

Once you’ve done this simply click the "+" link which is displayed on each programme episode page. This will then be added to your personal list on My Radio. Your My Radio list can also be accessed through our mobile BBC iPlayer Radio app.

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Accessing and managing My Radio

In My Radio, you'll see all the programmes you've added that are currently available to listen to. When you add a specific episode to My Radio, you are also adding the programme series. This means that you will always find the most recent episodes from that series in My Radio.

When a programme is no longer available it will remain in your My Radio list but will be greyed out until episodes become available again. 

Deleting your My Radio list

You can delete a programme on My Radio by clicking on 'Remove' and then confirm by clicking ‘Yes’ 

Favourites - How to delete 

‘Listen Later’ and ‘Following’

There are two categories in My Radio:

Following – Here you’ll find newly available episodes (most recent first) of the last 100 programmes you added to My Radio

Listen Later – Here you’ll find clips and individual episodes you’ve added to My Radio. Any newly available episodes of these programmes will appear in Following.

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