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How do I use BBC iPlayer Radio?

You can listen to BBC radio on a computer, tablet or mobile via the BBC iPlayer Radio website or the BBC iPlayer Radio app for mobiles and tablets. 

When listening via BBC iPlayer Radio you’ll need to be connected to the internet (this is streaming) and be signed into a BBC account.

Listen to on-demand programmes on BBC iPlayer Radio

On-demand programmes are full radio programmes you can listen to after they've been broadcast. There are a number of simple ways to find the on-demand programme you want to listen to:

  • StationYou can pick a programme direct from a station homepage or use the Stations dropdown menu on the BBC iPlayer Radio homepage.
  • Category: Choose a category from the Categories dropdown menu at the top of the homepage and select a programme from the chosen category.
  • SchedulesFind the programme you're looking for by accessing the radio schedules in the Schedules dropdown menu on the homepage and searching by date and time of broadcast. 
  • SearchType the programme name into the search box at the top of the homepage and select the programme you want from the results.

Listen to a radio station live on BBC iPlayer Radio

  • Sign into your BBC account (UK users)
  • Go to the BBC iPlayer Radio homepage
  • Pick the radio station you want to listen to
  • This will start the live stream for that radio station

Listen to programmes when you're offline

You can download podcasts from the BBC iPlayer Radio website and programmes on the BBC iPlayer Radio app to listen to when you're not connected to the internet. Find out how to download podcasts from the website on our How do I download a podcast episode on my computer? FAQ. Our How do I download programmes on the BBC iPlayer Radio app? FAQ has advice on how to download on the app.

My Radio

You can add any programme or clip to your My Radio section in BBC iPlayer Radio to listen to at any time. For more information, read our My Radio - My Personal Space FAQ.

What can I do on my device?

What you can do on BBC iPlayer Radio (for example, downloading and listening outside of the UK) depends on what device you're using. Here's a quick guide:  

Can I... BBC iPlayer Radio app BBC iPlayer Radio website (Browser) International BBC iPlayer Radio app (Installed if resident outside UK)
Subscribe to a podcast? No Yes No
Download a podcast? Yes Yes No
Follow a programme? Yes, through My Radio Yes, through My Radio No (Sign in not currently supported)
Download a programme? Yes, for 30 days No No
Listen outside of the UK? Yes Yes Yes
Download outside of the UK? No Only podcasts  No


Check our What's the difference between Downloads, Podcasts and Streaming? FAQ for more advice on how to use BBC iPlayer Radio. 

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