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How do I use BBC iPlayer Radio?

You can listen to BBC radio on PC, tablets and mobile via BBC iPlayer Radio.

When listening via BBC iPlayer Radio you will need to be connected to the internet - this is streaming.

Listening to Radio

There are a number of simple ways to pick the radio station or programme you want to listen to:

  • Search

    Type the programme name into the search box, select the programme you want from the results. Browse via category - choose a category from the navigation bar at the top, select a programme from the chosen category.

  • Schedules

    Click on "Schedule" in the navigation bar at the top, then find a programme by date/time.

You can also browse programmes on the station homepage using the left and right arrows.

  • Listen live to a radio station

  1. Go to the BBC iPlayer Radio homepage
  2. Select Stations
  3. Pick the radio station you want to listen to
  4. Select 'Listen Live' on the station homepage. The audio will start to play in a pop-out player called "Radioplayer"

In the BBC Radio player console, you can also share programmes you like and edit stations.

  • My Radio

You can add any programme or clip to your favourites in BBC iPlayer Radio. For more information, read our FAQ; Using My Radio

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