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BBC iPlayer Help

Help fixing problems with BBC iPlayer Radio on your mobile or tablet

Before following any of the steps below, search the latest news items and our general FAQs to check whether you are experiencing a known problem. Our programme issues page will let you know about any programme issues we're aware of. 

If you're having problems with BBC iPlayer Radio on your mobile or tablet, try the following steps: 

Using the BBC iPlayer Radio app

  • Step 1: Try updating the app 

Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed from your app store as your problem might be fixed in the most recent version:

If you’re unable to install or update the app, ensure your device meets the requirements listed on your store page. If you’re not offered an update you could be using a slightly older device so try using the website version of BBC iPlayer Radio instead. And if there’s an operating system update available for your device, consider updating as this might help.

  • Step 3: Remove and reinstall both the BBC iPlayer Radio and BBC Media Player apps

This can sometimes fix problems. If the problem persists, wait for the next app update and try using the website to access iPlayer Radio instead at

Problems with downloads not completing on your device? Check our related FAQs
 on this subject for guidance: 

Using the BBC iPlayer Radio website

  • Step 1: Install the BBC iPlayer Radio app

If you’re able to install the iPlayer Radio app, try that instead.

  • Step 2: Make sure your internet connection is strong enough 

If you’re having playback problems, try moving closer to your WiFi router or try again when you have a stronger 3G/4G connection. Sometimes, changing the channel your WiFi router transmits on can also help. The following external link has guidance on how to do this:

  • Step 3: Clear the browser cache 

Sign out of your BBC account then clear your browser cache (data your browser has stored on your computer). For instructions, carry out an internet search for ‘how to clear cache on [enter phone operating system version and browser]’. For example, if your device is running the operating system Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and you're using the Chrome browser, search for ‘How to clear cache in Android 6.0 Chrome’. 

  • Step 4: Remove and reinstall the BBC Media Player app


For help resolving problems on your internet radio, computer or laptop, check our other troubleshooting pages: 

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