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Sorry, this app isn't available any more

You can still listen to BBC iPlayer Radio via your browser by visiting

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BBC iPlayer Help

Signing into iPlayer Radio - What’s the benefit?

You don’t need to sign in to play radio programmes or listen to our stations. However for the full experience, signing into BBC iPlayer Radio with a BBC Account will allow you to use My Radio and access My Tracks

What’s BBC Account?

BBC Account is the BBC’s sign in system so we know it’s you when you visit. BBC Account is available on the browser version of iPlayer Radio and our UK Amazon, Android and iOS apps. BBC Account is not available in the international version of the app. For more information on BBC Account please visit BBC Account Help.

My Radio  

When you are signed in, you can create a list of all your favourite programme series, which can be accessed from other devices you sign in. You can read more in the FAQ Using My Radio.

BBC Music, My Tracks  

My Track is a quick and simple way to find and keep track of the music you discover on BBC iPlayer Radio. Anytime you hear a piece of music you love, you can add the track to your personal playlist and the track will be waiting in Playlister to enjoy later. 

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