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BBC iPlayer Radio app - How do I download podcasts on app?

Podcasts can be downloaded using the BBC iPlayer Radio app. Unlike downloads, they do not expire and are yours to keep. (It's not yet possible to download on the BBC Sounds app.)

The Podcasts section for each station can be found in the menu. In this example, we'll download an episode of Radio 5 live's Football Daily podcast.

  • Head to your station of choice and then select Podcasts from the top menu to find the podcast you want to download:


  • Select the episode you want to download and tap the Download button:


  •  From the main menu, go to Downloads. Your downloaded content can be found here:


How do I delete a podcast from my Downloads section?

To delete a podcast from your Downloads section, find the podcast episode you'd like to delete and select Remove on the right hand side.


Podcasts can also be downloaded as an MP3 file from our Podcast website. Please note that not all content is available as a podcast. 

You can find information about how to download full radio programmes on the BBC iPlayer Radio app on our How do I download programmes on the BBC iPlayer Radio app? FAQ.

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