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How long are podcasts available for?

The majority of podcasts are now available on the website or in the app for either 30 days or indefinitely. Some podcast episodes may disappear after seven days - this is for rights reasons or where it is felt that the episodes might go out of date quickly.

Some podcast series may be made available for the duration of a particular series or season, with all the episodes disappearing seven days after the final episode has been published.

If you’re worried about missing a podcast and you’re using the website you can click Subscribe so that the podcasts are brought to you. Check our How do I subscribe to podcasts? FAQ for advice on how to do this.  Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the app. 

What if I download a podcast?

Once you have downloaded a podcast episode, it is yours to keep forever and will not expire. Unfortunately, if you missed an episode and didn't download it within the period of availability, we will not able to provide you with a copy. It's not yet possible to download on the BBC Sounds app. 

Why don't all radio programmes have a podcast?

Rights restrictions mean that some programmes can't currently be made available as podcasts. This is often the case for programmes that contain sport, music, comedy, drama and readings.

The selection of podcasts currently on offer has been chosen to represent a wide range of BBC radio output and we hope that you will find something which interests you. Don’t forget that if you’re using the app most programmes will also be available as a download for 30 days.


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