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My Radio on the BBC iPlayer Radio app

My Radio is your personal space in the BBC iPlayer Radio app. It currently contains all of the content that you've added to your Following list and the episodes you've added to Listen Later.

My Radio is not available on iOS 7 or 8 on Apple devices but you can still get Favourites on these operating systems.

Listen Later

This contains all of the episodes and clips that you've selected using the + Add to My Radio button. When you're browsing through the app and you find an episode that sounds interesting, simply tap on the + Add to My Radio button and then select Add episode to listen later, and it will appear in your Listen Later list in My Radio.



This contains all of the programmes that you've followed by tapping the + Add to My Radio button. You can see all of the programmes that you're interested in and tap through to view and listen to all available episodes for that programme.


So what happened to my Favourites? 

Favourites have changed but only by title. All of the content you've previously added to your favourites is still there under Following in My Radio. For more information on this change, look at the Why have Favourites changed to My Radio? FAQ. 

You can also read My Radio - My Personal Space to find out more about how My Radio works on the BBC iPlayer Radio website. 

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