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Why do I get a ‘Sound of Silence’ error message when I try to listen live on Safari?

We’re aware of an issue that affects Safari OS X users. If you change default settings in Safari to ‘Stop Plug-ins to save power’ when you try to play a live radio station, the station will not play as the Flash Player used for playback is blocked.

What can I do to listen live?

Here are some suggestions that may get your live stream working again:

  • In Safari Preferences, ensure that either ‘Stop Plug-ins to save power’ is not checked or add ‘’ to the exception (domain) list.
  • In Safari Plug-In settings, under Adobe Flash Player, if there's an entry for ‘’ ensure it’s set to ‘Allow’. If there is not an entry, change the setting for ‘When visiting other websites’ to Allow.
  • If you have the ‘Click to Flash’ or a similar extension installed, add ‘’ to its exception list or consider disabling the extension. Note that some extensions may need to add ’’.
  • It’s possible other security or performance extensions are affecting behaviour, so if the above does not help, consider disabling these.
  • We don't think other browsers are affected, so if you can’t resolve the issue in Safari, you may wish to use a different supported browser

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