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Can I listen to BBC iPlayer Radio on my TV device?

Our BBC iPlayer Radio app isn't available on TVs any more. This is because we've noticed that radio and TV content are accessed differently, so they should be treated differently. 

Live radio streams are available from your digital TV's electronic programme guide. To listen to on-demand radio programmes you'll need to listen from BBC iPlayer Radio, which you can access on your:

  • Computer browser
  • Mobile or tablet browser
  • Mobile or tablet BBC iPlayer Radio app

You can find out more about how to access BBC iPlayer Radio on our How do I use BBC iPlayer Radio? FAQ.

Why is BBC Radio 1 available on connected TV devices?

You might have noticed BBC Radio 1 is one of the channels available on our BBC iPlayer TV application. This gives you access to BBC Radio 1's video content (such as interviews with bands and actors or film reviews) rather than their radio content. Other radio stations don't have a video channel.

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