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BBC iPlayer Help

Help fixing problems with BBC iPlayer Radio on your computer

This FAQ offers guidance that could help you resolve any issues you might have playing programmes with BBC iPlayer Radio on your computer. We also offer help for resolving problems on your mobile or tablet and for internet radio devices.

Before following any of the steps below, search the Latest News items and our general FAQs to check whether you are experiencing a known problem.

Step 1: Clear your cache

When you clear your browser cache, you’re removing data your browser has stored on your computer. This can be a very useful first step in trying to resolve a problem. For instructions, visit the Clear your cache FAQ.


Step 2: Try an alternative browser

If you find that you’re not able to play programmes on iPlayer Radio then you may wish to try a different browser. You’ll find a list of compatible browsers on our Supported internet browsers and operating systems page.

Step 3:
 Check your connection

If you also have problems playing programmes from other providers as well, try moving closer to your router and switch off other devices that are connected to the internet at the same time.

Try a wired connection. If that helps but you’d prefer to be on Wi-Fi, consider changing the channel your Wi-Fi router transmits on. The following external link has guidance on how to do this:

Step 4: Check you're using our HTML5 player

There are two media players used across - Flash and HTML5. If we give you Flash Player by default (some older content requires Flash) and you would like to switch over to HTML5 to see if that helps, you can do this at If your browser has already switched across to HTML5, you won't see the option to opt in to HTML5.

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