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My Radio - My Personal Space

My Radio is your personal space on BBC iPlayer Radio. It contains all the content that is relevant to you including what used to be called ‘Favourites’.

You'll need to be signed in to your BBC account to use My Radio. If you don’t have a BBC account and need help creating one, visit the Using the BBC site for advice.

This is what's available to you through My Radio:

Recommended for you

These are programmes and clips that have been chosen based on what you've listened to, what you've added to Listen Later / My List and what you're following. We realise that there is so much fantastic content available on iPlayer Radio that it may sometimes be hard to find new content you might be interested in. This way, the content comes to you. The more you listen, add and follow, the better your recommendations will become.

Listen Later / My List

This contains all of your favourite episodes and clips that you've selected using the '+' button. When you're browsing through BBC iPlayer Radio and you find something interesting, simply click on the blue '+' button on the website and it will appear in My List. On the BBC iPlayer Radio app, click on the '+ Add to My Radio' button, then select 'Add episode to Listen Later' and it will then appear in Listen Later. You can then access this later to listen to at your leisure.


If you want to Follow a series you'll need to go to the series homepage first. For example, if you'd like to follow The Archers then you should head to the homepage for The Archers:

Add Programmes

Selecting the blue '+' button here will allow you to follow the whole series rather than adding an episode at a time to Listen Later / My List.

So what happened to my Favourites?

Favourites have changed but only by title. All of the content you've selected to listen to and follow is still there. Before the change, Favourites consisted of the Listen List and Following - both of which are now part of My Radio as Listen Later / My List and Following.

For more information on this change look at the Why have Favourites changed to My Radio? FAQ. You can also read about the changes to the BBC iPlayer Mobile App.

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