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What is autoplay and can it be toggled on or off?

On the BBC iPlayer Radio website

If you're playing a programme though our new listen page, BBC iPlayer Radio will automatically play the next episode when you get to the end of an episode. If there is no next episode we’ll autoplay content we think you’ll like based on our recommendations system. We call this autoplay.

You’ll notice that a ten second timer will appear just before the programme you’re listening to finishes. You can click on the image for the next piece of content to skip the timer.



An example of the new listen page is displayed above. You'll be sent here when you press play on any on-demand programme on the BBC iPlayer Radio website.  

  • How do I turn off autoplay?

You can disable autoplay by selecting the pink and white toggle switch labelled Autoplay, which is located at the right of the 'Coming up next' section. 

To turn autoplay back on again, select the same toggle switch. 



On the BBC iPlayer Radio app

The autoplay feature on the BBC iPlayer Radio app will play the next available programme or podcast within a series automatically (without a countdown timer). 

The autoplay toggle is located at the bottom of the screen and you can select whether this feature is on or off. 




Autoplay is not yet available on the BBC Sounds app.

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