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Why do you require permissions for Android and Amazon Fire devices?

The BBC iPlayer Radio app requires the following permissions for Android and Amazon Fire devices:


Permission Reason
Access_Coarse_Location Used to find the nearest local BBC radio station
Access_Network_State Used to determine whether the device is connected to Wifi and to determine audio quality and control downloads
Internet Required for obtaining programme information, and for playing live and on-demand radio
Read_External_Storage Required to migrate podcasts downloaded using an older version of the app, so they still work with the latest version
Read_Phone_State Used by the app to share usage statistics. We only use this information to analyse and improve the services offered through the app. This can be turned off via the settings menu in the application. For more information, see our privacy policy.
Wake_Lock Used to keep the device awake while playing audio
Wifi_Lock Used to keep the device's Wifi radio turned on while the application is streaming audio. This will not stop Wifi being turned off from setting, or by entering Airplane mode.

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