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Why are downloads not completing on Android devices?

We are aware of some reports of downloads not completing in full on some Android devices. We believe this is affecting both the BBC iPlayer Radio app and the BBC iPlayer app.

 If you are affected by this please try to close the app and then re-open the app. By doing this it should allow the download to complete in full. 

*** Updated Tuesday 20 June ***

Some users have also found that clearing the cache on the device also helps. If that doesn't help can you try removing both BBC iPlayer Radio app and the BBC Media Player app (if you have it), then turn off Wi-Fi on your device, restart the device, and then on again Wi-Fi on the device, install BBC Media Player app first followed by the BBC iPlayer Radio app. 

Bear in mind any downloads in the app will be removed, meaning they need to be downloaded again when deleting the app.

We’re sorry for any problems you have faced when using BBC iPlayer Radio, and we hope to have this issue resolved soon.