How do I report a problem with a programme, like a missing download, shortened programme, or encoding issue?

The BBC iPlayer support team aim to keep users updated with all known problems with BBC iPlayer. We update the BBC iPlayer Help site as and when problems are escalated for further investigation.

If you think you've spotted a programme fault on BBC iPlayer check our Latest Programme Issues FAQ. If it's not listed then please let us know by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this FAQ and then selecting Report a Fault as the contact type.

You'll then go through a series of questions to help us in our investigation. Please give as much detail as possible, including the full name of the programme and the webpage address (URL). There's an additional text box for use if there's not enough space to include any information you think might be helpful, such as error messages.

With the PC version of BBC iPlayer, it helps us to know what version of Flash Player you have installed. An easy way to find out is by visiting

For mobile phone problems, please work through our Mobile troubleshooting - general tips FAQ before contacting us.

With other BBC iPlayer issues, please report them using the Report a Fault option but be aware that due to the amount of contacts we receive we may not be able to investigate individual user specific problems. In such cases you may find one of the active BBC iPlayer messageboards helpful. Please read the Where Can I go to discuss BBC iPlayer? FAQ for more information.

Thank you for your help from the BBC iPlayer Support Team.

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If you have detailed issues about using BBC iPlayer not covered here, please read our Where can I go to discuss BBC iPlayer? FAQ or you can Contact Us.

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