How do I Play a programme (streaming)?

The simplest way to play a programme is known as streaming - computers, iPhones, certain mobiles and consoles all use it.


We recommend that you have an internet connection speed of at least 1 Mbps - broadband, cable or 3G if supported. Dial-up internet access will not provide a good enough connection.


If you are using a computer, you need to check it can run the latest version of Flash, which Adobe provides a version of for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Visit the adobe website to get the latest version for your computer. Only the latest version of Flash will let you watch programmes in full screen. This link will take you to a website outside BBC Online. The BBC is not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites.

When Flash is installed, the programme image will appear on the information page, inviting you to Play; the programme will load and you will get the BBC trail before the main programme starts.

New EMP Video screen

Using the slider beneath these buttons, you can select where in the programme you want to go – rewind to catch a part you missed or fast forward over the part you've seen before.

You can Pause the programme at any time by clicking on the pause button pause or return to the start by clicking on the left-pointing arrow return You will be told how much of the programme has been watched in hours, minutes and seconds and how much is remaining.

Hovering over the icons you can mute the sound sound or go to full screen by clicking on the white square with the black dot inside full-screen

Exit full screen by hitting the Esc escape key on your keyboard.

If you want improved sound and video quality, you can Play high quality , or switch back to Play normal quality .

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