What kind of programmes are available on BBC iPlayer?

A selection of programmes from most BBC television channels and radio stations is included on BBC iPlayer and we intend to make programmes available as soon as possible after broadcast, which can mean a wait of up to two hours.

If you are searching for a specific programme then please head to the BBC iPlayer homepage and use the search there to find the programme you are after. It may be that the programme has been delayed, or you can try entering a different search word or browsing the categories.

In addition, certain programming can be subject to restrictions:

Films and sport

To offer programmes on BBC iPlayer, we have to acquire the relevant rights from the people who make and appear in them. Some types of programmes, particularly films and sporting events (including football matches, Match of the Day and so forth), won't be available on BBC iPlayer. Similarly, radio broadcasts of sporting programmes may be restricted to the UK.

However, wherever possible we aim to obtain the rights to sporting events, and this sometimes means that they are available as Click to Play (streaming) only and in some cases, such as A Question of Sport, sporting content has had to be removed due to these rights agreements.


Older news content is available in text, with audio and video content where relevant, on the BBC News website.

Imported or overseas programmes

Programmes from overseas may not always be available because our agreements with rights holders may not permit us to offer their programmes through BBC iPlayer.

Radio programmes

Nearly all radio programmes from the past seven days are made available to listen to in BBC iPlayer. However, UK radio rights, UK radio sports rights and international radio rights may vary. 

Very occasionally some episodes in a series aren't available for download while others are. This is because of rights restrictions for individual programmes. We work hard so that all episodes of a given series are available for you to download on BBC iPlayer whenever possible.

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If you have detailed issues about using BBC iPlayer not covered here, please read our Where can I go to discuss BBC iPlayer? FAQ or you can Contact Us.

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