Programme availability

The majority of programmes from most BBC television channels and radio stations is included on BBC iPlayer and we intend to make programmes available as soon as possible after broadcast.

Due to rights issues, a few of our programmes are not available on BBC iPlayer; these will state Not Available. Some programmes are only available to play on the website; they cannot be downloaded (saved for later) so will not have a download option.

Some programmes – particularly those in HD format or recorded live – can take several hours to appear in BBC iPlayer. Programmes which will be available to download and/or watch in the future will state Coming Soon.

Occasionally there are technical or other issues with a programme which cause it to be unavailable.

Otherwise, you can find programmes in several ways – watch our How To videos  for an easy guide.

Programmes recommended by the BBC are in the Featured Programmes drawer that you see upon opening the BBC iPlayer home page.

The current most popular programmes can be found in the Most Popular drawer.

You can search TV and radio programmes by using the Search BBC iPlayer box or by clicking in the TV or Radio sections at the bottom left of the screen; and through the categories section, to which you can add your own favourite subcategories.

There is also an A-Z option within each category, and you can use the search box at the top of the screen.

If you have any more questions about BBC iPlayer the menu categories to the left provide more information; otherwise try typing your question or related key words into the search box above.

If you have a detailed issue about BBC iPlayer, please read our FAQ; Where can I go to discuss BBC iPlayer? - which lists active messageboards where users raise, discuss and advise on common issues and problems.

Sorry, there are no faqs in this section at the moment.


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