How do I use ‘Favourites’ for radio on BBC iPlayer Radio?

You can add any programme or clip to your Favourites in BBC iPlayer Radio. Simply sign in with your BBC iD, then click the "+" link which you will see on programme episode pages.

iPlayer Radio Favourites 3

This will then add that programme or clip to your own list of Favourites, which you can access later by clicking on the word "Favourites" in the navigation bar at the top of every page. When you add a specific episode to your Favourites, you are also adding the programme series. This means that you will always get the most recent episodes from that series in your Favourites.

We have decided to make Favourites work only once you have logged in to BBC iD as we think the main benefit is being able to add to and access your Favourites from different computers. So, this means if you add a programme to your Favourites from a work PC, you can then access it later from your home PC or from your mobile browser. Very soon this will also apply to our smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

At this stage Favourites in BBC iPlayer Radio are not the same as those that exist in BBC iPlayer. This means that unfortunately if you have Favourites in iPlayer, they will not transfer over to iPlayer Radio. 

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