Can I use BBC iPlayer outside the UK?

Rights agreements mean that BBC iPlayer television programmes are only available to users to download or stream (Click to Play) in the UK. However, we are aware of demand for an international version. BBC Worldwide has recently launched the BBC iPlayer App for iPad and iPhone in various countries. Visit the BBC iPlayer (Global) YouTube channel for further information.

Most radio programmes are available outside the UK in addition to podcasts, although sporting and other programmes may be subject to rights agreements.

In addition, highlights from many of BBC News' programmes are available for viewers outside the UK, as is BBC Sport video content.

Do make sure you check for the latest updates on BBC iPlayer or contact your own country's broadcasters to find out if they offer a similar service to BBC iPlayer.

You are in the UK

If you are in Britain but receive a message saying you are not, please see this advice.

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If you have detailed issues about using BBC iPlayer not covered here, please read our Where can I go to discuss BBC iPlayer? FAQ or you can Contact Us.

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