Frequent questions for BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone 8 devices

How do I get BBC iPlayer on my Windows Phone 8 device?

If you have a Windows Phone 8 device, you can download the BBC iPlayer app from the Windows Store.

Will BBC iPlayer be available on Windows Phone 7.x devices?

BBC iPlayer only works on Windows 8 devices. For more information read our blog by Dave Price - BBC iPlayer Launches on Windows Phone 8.

Can I access Live TV and Radio Channels?

No. BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone 8 is a catch-up service for BBC TV and Radio programmes.

Are subtitles available?

Subtitles are not available on BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Can I download programmes?

Downloading programmes to be watched later is not possible, although the technology we are using means that once you have selected to play a programme, a temporary copy of the programme will be stored on the device until you either close the application or select to play another programme.

Can I play programmes via 3G/4G?

Yes, in addition to Wi-Fi, both TV and Radio programmes can be played over a 3G or 4G network. BBC iPlayer is a free service, but mobile network operators charge for data used over their networks. Data allowances and mobile network tariffs are the responsibility of the mobile network operators. If you are unsure how much 3G/4G data costs or what your data allowance is then contact your mobile network operator.

An hour long TV programme will use 225 MB of data.

Can I listen to radio programmes in the background?

Yes, if you exit the app whilst playing a radio programme (either by tapping the Back or Start button) playback will continue, so you can enjoy your favourite radio shows whilst browsing the web or using other apps.

Whatever you are doing on your device, pressing the volume button on the device will display programme details, where you can pause the show, access the corresponding BBC iPlayer programme page and change the volume.

How do I use Favourites?

You can use Favourites to group all of your favourite programmes in one list. To add a programme, select the "Add to Favourites" link, either in the schedule list or on each individual programme page.

Once you have added a programme, all new episodes in the series will be automatically added to your Favourites list when they become available. You can find all of these programmes in the Favourites section, which you can access from the Favourites tab at top of the screen.

When you access your Favourites, the newest programmes will be shown first. You can also see at a glance which programmes are about to expire.

You can delete programmes from your Favourites list by selecting the Menu option from the Favourites section. However, please note that if you delete one episode in a series, all episodes of that programme will be removed from the list.

How do I pin BBC iPlayer to my Start screen?

Visit the Windows Phone 8 How-to webpage for instructions on how to Pin BBC iPlayer to your start screen as a Live Tile.

Why can't I play a programme?

Due to how iPlayer works on Windows Phone 8 devices, the programme will continue to temporarily store itself on the phone once you've started playback, so try pausing the programme momentarily while more of the programme is loaded.

If you cannot even start a programme and there's not a signal/bandwidth problem (try using another on-demand video service) It could be that there is not enough free memory available on your device, In which case you'll need to free up some memory.


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